Russia-Ukraine two many years on: to an endless and wider war? | Russia-Ukraine war

In an UpFront exclusive, we discuss where the war in Ukraine at present stands and where by it is heading.

It’s been two yrs since Russia launched its entire-scale invasion of Ukraine, causing mass destruction and a mounting civilian death toll.

Even with aid from the West, Ukraine is going through enhanced weapons and infantry shortages as its fight in opposition to Russian forces carries on, seemingly with no conclusion in sight.

So what future lays in advance for Ukraine and could the war spill about into neighbouring nations? Are peace negotiations even feasible or does it operate the risk of starting to be an limitless war?

In an UpFront Special, Marc Lamont Hill discusses the fallout of Russia’s war on Ukraine with Ukrainian Member of Parliament Lesia Vasylenko, political scientist Ilya Matveev, and journalist Aaron Mate.

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